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Aircraft Sales

Services for Buyers

  • We will help you select the right aircraft for your needs, help you compare technical specifications, capabilities and performance of different aircraft types, help you assess the fixed and variable costs, the aircraft’s charter potential and obtain maintenance and ownership history. 
  • We will conduct a thorough evaluation of the market, analysing the effect of market forces on price and competition, assess availability and ensure that you receive the best aircraft for your needs, at the best price.
  • Arrange for you to view prospective aircraft and set up demonstration flights.
  • Undertake cosmetic inspections of prospective aircraft.
  • Our technical engineers will represent you during the pre-purchase inspection of a pre-owned aircraft or monitor the completion process for a new aircraft.
  • Conduct initial contract negotiations on your behalf, including providing draft letters of intent and purchase agreements.
  • We have good relationships with several leading international banks and investment companies who can help you structure your acquisition.
  • Our directors, John Keeble and Helen Searing, together provide a 24/7 service and in-depth knowledge of the rapidly changing market conditions worldwide.

Services for Sellers

  • We will design a tailored marketing campaign for your aircraft, including writing and producing sales brochures, online and print advertising and direct mail to our extensive network of personal contacts, brokers and clients.
  • We produce a “fair market” price for your aircraft based upon a review of the actual aircraft and current market conditions. We analyse the technical specifications, the engineering “to do” list from the maintenance provider and sales of comparable units.
  • When a buyer is found, we will guide you through the commercial and legal processes and the transfer of registration to the new owner.

For more information, please contact John Keeble.


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Aircraft Sales