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Airbus Corporate Jet Charter

Airbus Corporate Jet charter provides the ultimate in private air travel. Offering a non-stop intercontinental range of up to 10 hours and a capacity of up to 34. This aircraft is designed for high-end group travel, where groups of dignitaries and diplomats, entertainment tours or teams, corporate or family passengers can enjoy the benefits of private charter within a single aircraft.

  • 10 hours non-stop from Europe to the Far East, Caribbean and United States
  • Up to 34 passengers with sleeping for 28
  • Highly trained cabin crew
  • Carefully prepared gourmet meals of your choice
  • Three separate spacious cabins
  • Private lounge
  • Convertible beds
  • Satellite phones and fax machine
  • Integrated entertainment system

For more information about Airbus Corporate Jet charter please download our Airbus Corporate Jet aircraft guide. Or contact the aircraft charter team today!

Airbus Corporate Jet Charter