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Pilots & Cabin Crew

Twinjet Pilots

The Pilots at Twinjet are highly experienced, capable and resourceful individuals with significant flying hours accumulated from years in the services and airlines. They are required to be regularly checked and trained to a high level under the watchful eye of the Senior Training Captain, overseen by the civil aviation authority.

Captain Richard Thomas, Director of Flight Operations

Captain Thomas joins us from Resa Aviation where he held the position of Director of Operations. Flying the Airbus A340 worldwide for Middle East passengers including royalty, heads of state and senior government officials has given him a breadth of experience which is invaluable to Twinjet. Prior to that, the majority of Richard’s forty years in air operations and management were well spent serving in a distinguished career within the Royal Air Force.

Captain Wilbur Wilson, Senior Training Captain

After 17 years in the Royal Air Force on heavy and fast jets and as an instructor he held various positions in major airlines including post holder and training manager at BMED. He moved from there to BMI and latterly to Thomas Cook. He has flown Airbus A319, 320, 321 and A330 aircraft types and been an Airbus TRI/TRE for over 13 years.

Twinjet Cabin Crew

Twinjet flight attendants all have previous experience working in corporate flight departments, first class cabins for major international airlines, or on royal flights. Their aim is to discretely ensure your safety and comfort during your flight whilst observing protocols.

All cabin crew undertake a series of training programmes, including customer service excellence and safety and emergency procedures, to ensure you always have an enjoyable and safe flight.

Erica Jacques, Cabin Services Manager

In 2009 we were delighted to promote Erica Jacques to Cabin Services Manager. Erica joined Twinjet from Ford Motor Company in 2006, where she gained managerial experience deputising for the Cabin Services Manager. Prior to that Erica worked for Britannia Airways for 6 years and was also a member of Iran Air’s Upper Class cabin crew at the age of just 23. Erica brings a wealth of experience which will be invaluable to Twinjet’s future growth and success.